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The wind weaves night and day into a landscape. The ocean pounds the coastline which in return return chops the waves into bite sized sounds. Each unravelling gaze reveals exuberant flora and elusive fauna. Towering trees, twisted into the shape of a forest, knock and creak and thump and tap and rattle and trickle. Spiked summits transform into mountain ridges and punch their rhythm into space, collecting shadows and dotting the sky, fading out of sight on the horizon.


The tracks of virtuoso percussionist AG lead to a wide array of sounds, driving rhythms of south American origin as well as strangely familiar melodies, waiting to be discovered somewhere deep inside. Travelling between styles, leaving his own distinctive mark on internalized musical traditions, and intricately interweaving traditional, superficially simple melodies and rhythms – this is Alberto García’s talent. His music remains true to its roots while being turned inside out in the most ingenious way.


Alberto Garcia lives and works in Basel but travels throughout the wproldto perform with various formations, both on stage and in the studio. He composes, conducts and produces for his own projects "Alberto García Trío", "Rajazz", and "Aire Flamenco” and shares the international stage with Chico Freeman, Jeff Ballard, Guillermo Klein or Alain Perez and many more. Besides working as a musician, Alberto Garcia teaches at the Konservatorium Winterthur and the Jazzcampus Basel.

Text by Mariann Bühler

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