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The trio of Alberto García was founded in mid-2015 in Basel, Switzerland. In a spontaneous and almost involuntary way they began to play in the best stages of the city, even at the OffBeat Basel Jazz Festival (2016). Then moved to other Swiss and European stages. "Alberto García Trio" interprets an exciting combination of jazz harmony, folk melodies and rhythms from around the world with Afro-Latin influences. The music is accessible to all ears, the rhythmic-harmonic complexity is compensated with the simple and pleasant melodies which makes all audiences from experts to amateurs able to value and enjoy it. The trio have shared stages with musicians such as Raphael Rosse, Yumi Ito, Camela Sager and Oliver Pellet.

Pau Lligadas / Bass


Pau Lligadas (Barcelona - 1987) started to play electric bass at the age of 15 and with 20 was accepted to study in the ESMuC, where studies with teachers like Mario Rossy, Horacio Fumero, Toni G. Araque, Andrew Ackerman, etc. 

Pau moves to Switzerland to start a Master in performance with double bass jazz at the "Hochschule für Music Basel". Here he took lessons with teachers like Larry Granadier, Bänz Oester, Malcolm Braff and Claudia Brunner. He also takes master lessons with Eric Harland, Ruben Rogers, Jorge Rossy, Edicson Ruíz, Mark Turner, Jeff Ballard.

Since Pau started to play, he has been performing with a lot of musicians and diferent groups from Barcelona like Joan Díaz, Niño Josele, Mikel Andueza, A Contra Blues, Hotel Gurú, Latino y los Llobregantes, Juan Cortés y Sara Flores, Ignasi Terraza… and much more.

He has been selected to participate in the semifinal of the competition that organizes the “European Double Bass Congress” two consecutive times (2014 -Amsterdam- and 2016 -Prague-) in the jazz soloist modality.

Nowadays he is part of the projects like Xavi Reija Acustic Trio (Featuring Nita Herhsckovits), Blind Cinema, Gemma Humet, Antonio Navarro y Laura Morillo. And also working as a Freelance e-bass and double bass player and teaching in " Taller de Músics Escuela Superior de Estudios Musicales".

Lou Lecaudey / Trombone

Lou Lecaudey grew up in Bourg en Bresse, France, and started learning trombone at 7, at the local music school with Gilles Farinone. As he has always been interested into picking tricks and techniques from other instruments, he moved to Lyon and lived there until he reached twenties, to study with trumpetist Pierre Lafrenaye (Canada) and violonist Rémi Crambes. He then finished the studies at the "Hochschule für Music Basel", with the trombonist Adrian Mears (Australia), and now he is living as a freelance musician and composer in Freiburg, Germany, after having spent a year in Berlin. ​

He developed a big interest into jazz and improvised music from the beginning on and so he skipped the 'traditionnal must-go-through' classical trombone studies. That's why he found his own sound which is amazing.

He is now active in a lot of local - and not so local - bands, and touring all over Europe. He is also working as a composer for a few projects, from jazz to pop ensembles.

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